5 Best Yoga Christmas Presents on the market (in our opinion)

When you get to a certain age you probably dread the question “what would you like for Christmas this year?”

If you’re anything like me you probably don’t need another Lush bath bomb or ‘Quote a Day’ calendar for 2019 and asking for anything else seems strange, materialistic almost. Well don’t worry we’ve got your back…

Below are 5 of the best yoga and wellness products on the market for all price ranges so why not forward this to that special someone and tear open something WE think you’ll love on Christmas Day.

1.       Manduka Yoga Mat

This is our beloved brand of choice for yoga mats at the studio; with everything from the SuperLite Travel mat to the long-lasting heavy-duty Pro there’s something for all budgets and all yoga needs.

What’s even better is that they have a smart quiz online to match you with your perfect mat…check it out here

We have a selection of these at both studios so why not start 2019 on a fresh mat?

(Price Range - £45-£80)


2.       Buddha Beauty Candles and Room Sprays

Ok, technically not used for yoga; however, they’re fab for creating a yoga-studio smell at home. Not only that they are local, vegan and the candle wax can be used as a skin treatment leaving you silky smooth all over!

We have a huge range of candles and room sprays, check out Winter Spice for the lead up to Christmas and our bestseller, Yan for everyday use. We promise you won’t buy another candle again.

(Price Range £10-£15) 

3.       Banyan Bolster Cushion

This yoga prop is portable and supportive; the perfect accompaniment to your yin or meditation class at the studio. Grab a small one, lie on your back and use it under the knees for a savasana that will leave you sleeping like a baby!

Spend 15 minutes lying with one along the spine when you get home from work and you’ll reverse a multitude of posture issues created by working at a desk…

Buy it here

(Price Range £12-£30)


4.       Supernova Protein

We know, we know, we’ve been banging on about this for weeks now but we literally LOVE it! I’m not going to bore you with the science of why this powder is awesome, you can read it for yourself here…

We’re not stocking this at the studio yet but come Christmas you’ll find the entire range on our shelves; that’s if we’ve not stolen it for ourselves first!

Again, this is a local company with a great ethos and we think everyone should give the gift of health wherever possible; this addition to your kitchen will definitely give you a spring in your step as you battle the dark nights and cold mornings.

(Price Range £25-£35)


5.       Yoga

Give/receive the gift of yoga for Christmas! We couldn’t compile this list without adding the best one yet…

…a gift voucher for Studio One

What if your friend or family member bought you a 121 yoga session with the teacher of your choice? Or booked you on to a workshop you’ll love?

Christmas is a great opportunity to get something you wouldn’t normally treat yourself to, so how about deepening your yoga practice and doing something new. Gift vouchers are on sale at reception all the way up to Christmas at both studios, what are you waiting for?

(Price Range £7-unlimited)

Feel free to forward this HUGE HINT to your family so your 2019 can be filled with health, happiness and YOGA!

Still unsure…why not ask for a donation to a charity close to your heart. A sure fire way to fill your heart with Christmas spirit and help others along the way. The very definition of yoga!