Happy Autumn Equinox! 

A day of perfect balance, transition, celebration, giving thanks, harvesting and insight. 

It’s the Autumn equinox next week and the Aries full moon so we’ll be combining the energies of both to make a super powerful full moon workshop all about letting go of what people don’t need/want to take into the next cycle and also setting powerful intentions for the Autumn.

The Autumn Equinox is all about harvesting, the time of the year that we "reap all that we have sown" over the summer, making it the ideal time to make a list of your "inner harvest". What have you achieved over the summer? What challenges have you faced over the past few months and what have you learned/how did you cope with them? What have been the highs over the summer months? Who/what has supported and sustained you over the past few months? What are you grateful for right now? Even if you are not quite where you want to be yet, this day of perfect balance is a great turning point to move you in the direction you want to go in and the more gratitude you can bring into your life the more your life will bring to you.

Autumn is all about letting go. Take inspiration from nature and just as the trees lose their leaves let go of anything that is holding you back – people, situations, negative beliefs, fears, and worries. Use the beautiful energies of this Equinox and just LET GO! If you are in any doubt step outside, breathe in the crisp, clear autumn air and just look around – you never see a tree clinging onto their leaves for fear they won’t come back! Let go and trust, believing that as you let go and make space, even more good is coming to you to fill that space - that’s when the magic really begins to happen! 

This is also the perfect time to set some intentions for what you would like to see happen in your life over this magical season, what do you want this new season to bring for you? There is HUGE power in intentions, so set one! Plant some inner seeds today that you can nurture and nourish over the hibernating months of winter, so by the time spring comes you are ready to blossom back out into the world! 

The Aries full moon has certainly arrived bringing with it huge energy, which will either feel incredibly positive or hugely emotional depending on what is happening in your life. "Adding fuel to the fire" is a good way to describe this full moon and so whatever you are currently going through will be intensified. 

As confronting and emotional as this moon may feel it is a spur to action. A call to rise. A cry for attention. 

If you chose to listen and most of all 'feel' you can really discover things about yourself this full moon. Aries urges you to give up the doubts and the backwards and forwards between what you 'should' do and what you truly want to do. Under this full moon you can gain huge clarity on emotions, beliefs, relationships, identities and everything else that you need to let go of. It's a moon of deep inner healing and allowing old wounds to surface, stuck stagnant energy to start to shift and anything holding you back to be released. 

Aries motto is I AM" and the symbol the ram. Aries fiery, dynamic, courageous energy is here to burn through all that keeps you stuck, ram through your constraints and all that binds you and most of all push you into your individual greatness and real purpose on this earth (no one can ever do you like you) 

If you've found yourself restless and wide awake under this full moon you are truly being called to action. What is it that you are not fulfilling? What inner calls are you ignoring for fear or doubt? How are you not following your passions and purpose? YOU KNOW deep down what it is that you should be doing (and if you get really honest, why you aren't) so use this full moon to gain that clarity (the emotions you may be feeling are a great indicator of what you need to work with) and to release all that holds you back. This Aries full moon is calling you to greatness, the world needs the true, authentic YOU... 

If you want to harness this good energy and practice with connection come along to Kirsty’s Full Moon Workshop on Friday 21st September BOOK HERE