We love teaching yoga, it’s our passion and we go out of our way to make sure that it’s accessible to all! Fancy a new challenge? A learning experience that can enhance your own yoga practice?

How would you like to teach yoga?

A yoga teacher training course is not only about the delivery of a class; it’s about finding a deeper understanding of the roots, the philosophy, the history. But then again you can find that in any training, you can read a few books and pick up bits of knowledge here and there so what makes us special?

Well…we do things a little differently here at Studio One Yoga. Our course is about YOU! It’s about finding what makes you tick, finding your passion, your qualities and using them to help you develop a teaching style that is honest and authentic. We’re looking for exceptional teachers, the ones looking to break down their barriers and approach yoga with an open mind.

When you deliver a yoga class you are an educator, you are there to take a student on a journey of discovery and development, so our priority is to ensure you leave the course comfortable in your own skin with the strength to hold space for your students. This way you aren’t just asking your students to practice with you you’re INFORMING, EDUCATING and INSPIRING.

INFORM – Discover the most accessible ways to teach yoga, in a way that is simplistic without being condescending.

EDUCATE – Provide your students with the most up to date knowledge based on sound scientific advice and practices.

INSPIRE – Our course might be about YOU but teaching yoga is not! Learn how best to inspire your students to join you in this lifelong practice and how to find their own practice within your classes.

Planning classes with a purposeful arc alongside a great experience is an art form so instead of just focusing on the yoga we’ll overload you with practices that can challenge your planning, your processes and your execution.

Our course teachers are some of the best in their respective fields and their knowledge, experiences and real-world practices will inspire you WANT to learn more!

Michelle Almond (Course Director) has 12 years teaching experience and has taught more than 15,000 hours’ worth of classes, workshops and private sessions. Having completed her first 200-hour course in 2006, her second in 2009 and with regular intensive trainings with world renowned teachers she has been able to put together a course that focuses on the strengths of each. She also has a BSc in Exercise and Health Science and has used this link to pull in the best anatomy teacher for the course….

Martyn Matthews has been a lecturer at Salford University for many years teaching and supervising Undergraduate and Masters’ programmes. He specialises in Sports Rehabilitation and Kinesiology meaning there’s nothing he doesn’t know about functional movement and recovery; perfect when you consider how many people come to yoga with a bad back/shoulder/hip/eyelid 😉

Our 2018 course also sees the return of Kerry O’Dowd; singer, actress and The Voice UK contestant. Playing on her strengths in performing arts this superstar will teach you voice projection, preparation for teaching, holding space in the room and much more. This is a module that was beloved on our first training back in 2015.

Our 2018 course has a special addition teacher in Faith Hunter, creator of Spiritually Fly and owner Embrace Yoga DC she’ll be traveling here to take you on a journey of folklore, deities, chakras and more. With her Louisiana charm and her soulful practices, you’ll discover how voice and music can enhance your students’ journey and take your teaching to another level.

Still not sure? Here are 7 things to look for in a yoga teacher training…

Wanna know how many we tick off?...erm 7!! Not only that, this awesome teacher will be coming to Studio One Yoga in January 2019. We wouldn’t be hosting him if he didn’t know his sh*t!