Jason has been and gone – blink and you missed it!

Well, what a weekend! We had one of the most revered yoga teachers of the 21st Century gracing our community and you guys visited en masse!

It had been several years in the making but after hard work, much bullying of our friend Taylor and a few meet ups with Jason we finally made it happen!...Leyland saw its biggest turnout since we opened in March.

Thank you to all who came along and practiced with us, it was a pleasure to welcome you into our community for a few days and be surrounded by like minded people. Let us know what you thought about the weekend in the comments section below.

Al little more about Jason…

Jason Crandell is a natural teacher and author with more than 15 years of experience. His accessible, grounded classes integrate the best elements of power yoga, anatomical precision, and mindfulness teachings.

He says this about his classes…

“After more than a decade of teaching vinyasa yoga in many different settings all over the world, I’ve found that combining power, precision, and mindfulness creates the most efficient, balanced yoga class with maximum impact. My approach is challenging and sweaty without producing burnout. It’s also exacting, helping you progress in your poses, without being stagnant or tedious. My classes encourage one-pointed focus and awareness of what’s going on internally.

My goal is for you to leave class feeling like the work we’ve done together is relevant and that it makes a measurable difference in your life. It doesn’t matter if your aim is to one day touch your toes or to help your students into the most advanced postures: We’re all in this together and we can all use the tools that yoga has to offer to help us stress less, to communicate more effectively, to embrace who we are, and to enjoy this life”.

If you’re looking for sound advice as a yoga teacher and student then Jason’s sessions are not to be missed and we look forward to welcoming him back to the North soon!

In addition to teaching yoga you can find Jason as a regular guest and co-host on his wife, Andrea’s, podcast: Yogaland! If you’re interested in all aspects of yoga and want to find out more there’s real value in every episode.