Those of you who practice at our Standish studio might know Harriet quite well but we thought we’d share some nuggets about her that you may NOT know…

How long have you been working at Studio One and do you do anything else besides?

So I've been working at Studio One for around three years now – I cannot believe how fast time flies!! I am currently doing a foundation course in straight acting at ALRA North which I absolutely love and I am in the middle of auditioning for other drama schools and I am hoping to be accepted on to a full time degree course in acting for when I finish foundation. If I don’t get accepted anywhere this year I am going to FINALLY learn how to drive, work loads and keep doing the things I love! I will then continue auditioning for drama school next year.

What is your dream job?

I'd probably say my dream job is to be an actress – not to be famous or anything, just because acting is one of the few things I genuinely love doing...

Do you practice yoga and if so which classes are your favourite?

Recently I haven't done as much yoga as I'd like to have done, but that's just down to the fact that I can't always get to the studio. Me and my mum did a few of Katie's SO Basics classes at Leyland a few months ago which were fab! She's great at explaining things and has a genuine and likeable personality which comes across immediately. This makes the atmosphere in class really chilled out and comfortable.

What do you enjoy most about working at Studio One?

I think I'm really lucky to work in a place like this; it's relaxed, enjoyable, full of positivity and I think that's down to the staff and all of our students. That's probably the best part of working at the studio – the people! I think this is really important, especially for people who are just starting yoga as you want your first experience to be a good one!

How would you advise a new student coming to the studio to start yoga?

We have regular Basics and Chill classes which are great for newbies and I would recommend to anyone who's new to yoga to give one of these a go. The Basics classes are particularly good if you're wanting to learn the most common yoga poses and how to do them correctly. They also help you to progress on to our other classes which are bit more advanced. But if you're looking for more of relaxed, de-stressing class, our Chill class is the way to go. 

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