Karen is one of our most regular students at Standish, she can be found in a SO Flow or SO Sweat class at least twice a week and she is a pleasure to have in the building; always smiling, always friendly! She’s taken the time to let us know what she thinks of yoga and Studio One…

“I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for around 15 years, from home DVD to a variety of different classes then having found Studio One last summer, I can honestly say it’s the best!  There are such a variety of classes and teachers, all of whom are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and fun – not a word you come across a lot in yoga!  I do some running and, not getting any younger, have some problems with my knees – not anymore, the stretch and strengthening of yoga perfectly complements my running. 

I can’t recommend Studio One enough, if you think you’re too old or won’t be able to do it – just give it a go, I’m 52, my balance isn’t great, but if I fall over, no-one cares except me – I just try again, and again, and again…!”

 There you have it! Straight from Karen herself….get on the mat! What’s stopping YOU?!