5 Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice

Firstly, starting a yoga practice can be a little scary for some! However, if you find the right studio this shouldn’t be the case; you should feel welcome and at ease from the minute you step through the door (or if you come to Studio One maybe a little surprised that there’s no incense burning and it’s a little louder than you thought!). We encourage our students to be themselves and embrace their own way of approaching life so here are OUR 5 tips for starting a yoga practice…

1.       Don’t overthink it!

At the end of the day it’s only yoga! Don’t panic that you’re going to get it wrong, don’t worry about what you’re wearing and certainly don’t worry that it’s going to be too difficult for you. We can often think of too many reasons why we shouldn’t do something, the best thing to do is simply start. It’s only ever the first step that’s the hardest so book your class and take the leap!

2.       Choose the right class!

There’s so much choice out there for someone starting out but the best advice we can give is to try everything (within reason). Our classes are designed so that you get what it says in the description; SO Flow is a flowing class, SO Basics is perfect for beginners and SO Chill leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for a blissful evening.

So, whilst we’re not saying jump right in to the toughest class straight away feel free to explore the timetable, get to know the teachers and enjoy the learning experience.

3.       Have an idea of your yoga goals.

If you’re coming to yoga for an hour away from the kids and a chance to switch off – great – but know that beforehand. If your goal is to do a handstand then know that too. The route to these goals will be very different and the needs vary dramatically. For example, if you know you want to learn to do the splits yet you’ve never done them before (and you’re now closer to 50 than 40) then know that the journey is going to be looooong! If you’re happy with that then we’ll get you there; you never know we may even become lifelong friends along the way 😊 However, if your goal is to feel a little stronger and leave with a clearer mind you may be happy coming once a week; trust us you end up visiting more because the reward is so damn good!

4.       Know that your goals can change

One of our best friends said it best “I came for the Lycra, I stayed for the yoga” his initial goal was to meet new people (possibly find a nice woman to share his life with) and see what this ‘yoga’ was all about. Now you can find him on the mat three times a week, practising handstands and fine tuning his meditation skills! Over time he found that yoga bled in to other parts of his life, he found his strengths within his practice and loved how meditation equipped him to deal with work stresses. Learn to adapt and yoga can be part of your life forever!

5.       Lower your expectations.

This sounds so defeatist we know; however, we have many people attend classes thinking they’ll be able to touch their toes within a month and do a handstand in three. The reality is that the physical practice takes time, the ability to lengthen (stretch) the muscles takes time, the quality of your meditation practice takes time to develop. The key here is TIME; for us yoga is a lifestyle change, it’s a lifelong practice that we can adapt to suit our needs and the benefits are SO worth it!

So there you have it, Studio One’s 5 tips to starting a yoga practice. Remember you’re only new to something once after that it’s all about the journey so find a class you love, a teacher that sparks your interest and a practice that will last a lifetime!

See you on the mat xx