We’re approaching teaching a little differently in 2019 and the focus is progression!

Now, you may come to yoga for many different reasons… hour to yourself

…clear your head and move your body

…increase flexibility and strength

…you like the class and teacher

…and many, many more!


However, this new course is for those who come to yoga to develop their practice; physically and mentally. It’s designed for students who’ve been practising for 12 months or more and/or yoga teachers looking to advance their practice.

What is it?

Our Strong Series is a 5-week course designed to take you on a journey through a particular aspect of the practice that can be somewhat challenging and difficult to look at in detail in a regular flow class. Each week is a 75-minute class built in layers to take you from A to B in a formulaic way; we’ll deconstruct the movement, study the anatomy and spice up your practice.

Check out our online schedule for the first two courses: Invert Yourself and Space Along the Spine.

How does it work?

Week one of the course will be a brief discussion about the anatomy of the pose and how easily/not so easily accessible it is for different body types, we’ll follow this with a flow to introduce the base poses/drills to start building strength and/or flexibility. As we move through each week more postural anatomy will be broken down, drills will be completed, and homework will be given to add in to your weekly classes. In the final weeks we will explore the poses in their entirety putting everything we’ve learnt into practice!

We want you to think of these courses as extended workshops designed to give your practice that extra oomph!

What do I get?

For £45 you get over 6 hours of tuition from one of the most experienced yoga teachers in the area who’s spent 12 years dedicated to teaching yoga!

The groups will remain small so that we can invite questions, discussion and focus in on each individual.

If you’ve always wanted to take your practice to the next level, then this is for you. Choose the courses that get your motor running and we’ll do the rest…

Coming up later in the year… 

Finding your Edge: learning to arm balance

Work off the Crazy: a meditation course

Leap of Faith: a journey to the splits


If there’s anything you’d like to explore in more detail please do comment below. We’ll be happy to look into putting it on the schedule!

Make your Monday’s AWESOME!