So, you’re thinking about taking on a teacher in a 121 capacity? We’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself before embarking on this practice…

1.       Why do you want to do 121 yoga specifically?

There are many reasons people hire a yoga teacher on a 121 basis; sometimes it’s due to lack of time to get to a class, sometimes they may have mobility issues or are returning from injury, or it could simply be to get some fine tuning for your regular practice. Whatever the reason you’re considering it make sure you know the WHY. It will help your teacher deliver the best possible session for your needs.


2.       Which teacher would you like to practice with?

The reason this question is key is because not all teachers have the same strengths when it comes to teaching all aspects of yoga. For example, if you’re looking to spend time practising yin or yoga nidra you’d be better with Alison whereas if you’re returning from injury, complementing a sport or learning to handstand you might be better with Michelle. Selecting the right teacher for the goals you have in mind is key and will ensure that your money is well spent!

Yoga teachers generally have a preferred style of teaching and have sought further training in those areas so get to know our team and how the different teachers can give you a well-rounded practice by attending a variety of classes and finding those you LOVE!


3.       How often do you want a session?

This can be informed by your current practice (or lack thereof) and be changed at any time. If you’re new to yoga and simply looking for an introduction session one or two hours will probably be fine. If you’re returning from injury the same might apply so you can learn how to modify your existing practice. If you’re looking to fine tune your practice and focus on technique over time, we would normally suggest having one session every month or six weeks just to check back in and be given more things to work on going forward in your regular classes.

4.       How much is it?

121 yoga tuition is a luxury, however at Studio One we look to make it affordable for everyone, so we structure our prices to reflect that. Think of it like going to have your hair cut…(bear with us!) can choose to have an appointment with a newly qualified hairdresser or with the senior stylist and you’ll pay differently based on experience. The same applies here… 

If you take on a teacher at Studio One you can be sure they’ve been qualified and teaching regularly for at least 12 months, after this time we allow teachers to deliver 121 sessions at the following prices…

  • 1-3 years’ experience | £35

  • 3-5 years’ experience | £40

  • 5+ years’ experience/specialist | £50

  • 10+ years’ experience/SYT/yoga elder | £60

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss this as an option for you or a friend. We are happy to help and will make sure you’re matched with the best teacher for your needs!