Why you won’t find us selling shit!

OK so here’s the deal…yes we have a shop in in each of our studios, yes we have items for sale in them and I know you’re probably thinking that’s not what the title claims but here’s the truth… 

We get approached weekly to stock products, align with companies and run offers HOWEVER…we’re gonna be totally honest, none of that stuff makes you better at yoga so here’s our stand point: 

1.       Any item in our shop is product we ourselves own or would buy.

2.       We do not believe you have to wear £90 leggings to practice yoga.

3.       Our mat of choice is Manduka, however if you’re looking for a new mat speak to others in class and see what they like; everyone is different.

Some of our longest serving students are practicing in the same leggings and t-shirts they wore back in 2010 when Michelle was teaching out of community centres and church halls, hell even Michelle is wearing the same ones!

Our studios provide mats and equipment for classes so there’s no need to ever buy if you don’t want to. We find our students only start collecting bits of equipment after about 12 months and that’s fab!

Our advice if you’re going to practice at home is to invest in a mat you enjoy practising on, trust me it will make you WANT to practice! Manduka have a great ‘mat guide’ on their website so you can see which of theirs would suit you best.

Our top kit list:

1.       Manduka Pro Mat (we only buy black so ours is the Ebony one)

2.       Cork/Foam brick

3.       Foam block

4.       Blanket

5.       Buddha Beauty Yan Candle

6.       Refillable Water Bottle

Some of these are for home by the way 😉

Comment below with the one piece of kit/clothing that you absolutely LOVE! We like to share our students advice as well as our own…