Sound Baths are becoming more and more popular and people are flocking to Kim’s sessions at Studio One. Why?…

Because it’s insanely relaxing, you get an hour (or more) to yourself, you drift off and find peace and calm! If you’re still not convinced read on to find out more…

What is a Sound Bath?

Participants lie comfortably on the ground, supported by cushions, blankets and eye pillows. The session starts with a guided relaxation technique to create an awareness of inner space in the body. Focusing on the breath allowing the body to sink and feel heavy on the ground.  Tibetan singing bowls and played and as the session develops gongs are also brought in to the sequence. Participants simply relax and become immersed in the vibrations of sound; filling the room with vibrations, frequencies and harmonies that essentially massage every cell in the body.

The brain cannot follow the sounds as no rhythm is made by the bowls and gongs, so the brain waves switch from beta state (awake, alert, problem solving) into alpha state (daydreaming, relaxed, imagination), to theta (meditation, dreaming).


What are the benefits?

Deep relaxation, rest, rejuvenation. 

Altered states of consciousness (dreams, meditation)

Emotional and physical healing. Sound has a profound effect on our nervous system. Turning on our relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) takes us out of an active, heightened state of ‘fight or flight’ response (sympathetic nervous system) giving our bodies the chance to relax and be healed. 

Problems can be resolved, personal insights gained, awakenings.

Feel more balanced and re-tuned.

What to expect?

Everybody will experience sound baths differently so it’s better to come with no expectations.  Try to relax as much as you can and place yourself in a comfortable position. Sitting in a chair/against a wall is also an option. Just listen to the sounds of the bowls and gongs, they will transport you on a journey of self-discovery and deep relaxation. Even if you attend regular sound baths each experience will be different, depending on where you are in that moment in time. Afterwards remember to drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. 

Feedback from participants include…

  • Experiencing warmth/heat in particular parts of the body

  • Heaviness and sensations of limbs feeling weighted

  • Visions and dreams

  • Emotional responses (crying/laughter)

  • Deep rest/sleep

Is there anyone who can’t do a Sound Bath?

They are not suitable for people with pace-makers and should be avoided if you have any ear conditions.

Think this all sounds awesome?!

Come along to the next session and find your calm among the Christmas crazy!

Join Kim on Sunday 16th December at Standish, click below to book a coveted space…