Why?...because you’re bloody awesome just as you are!

Let me ask you this...

Are you the person who spends the next 5 weeks thinking...

  • I’ll start that...in January

  • I’ll eat healthy/lose weight/stop drinking....in January 

  • I’ll set great intentions....in January 

STOP IT!...now!

There’s a whole month to go before January kicks in and we can spend all of our time thinking about changing things in January that, let’s face it, probably don’t stick past the 19th! Or, my friends, we can get on with living and make this next month count.

Now I’ve said this before, I love winter, I’m also super productive throughout December as everyone else winds down so here’s what I suggest...

If you want to lose weight in January simply eat a little less crap now! That way January’s goal won’t be so difficult! Do you really need to eat the WHOLE box of mince pies? Why not refrain from eating handfuls of chocolate and just enjoy a few.

If you want to start something new in January, start researching it NOW!...sign yourself up and put it in your diary. Why? Because we end up spending the first week of January trying to get our shit together to actually put these ‘goals’ in motion and before you know it January’s over, you’re nowhere near your target, you didn’t start the new thing and bang...it’s June again and you’re waiting til January 2020 to start again!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good goal setting exercise...

Last year I did dry January, what a horrific experience that was...it won’t be happening again!

So here’s what I do...

1. Set goals every week/day/month

Goals should be smaller than this ‘huge’ thing once a year, also I’m pretty sure you have more than one goal and changing 3 things about your life in one go is a surefire way to fail! So stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ time and start making tiny steps that can help the bigger picture!

2. Don’t cut out things you enjoy!

There’s no need to restrict EVERYTHING that’s considered ‘bad’ for you, just be sensible. Let’s face it, me doing dry January was always going to be a bad idea, why? I love a glass of wine with a meal and I always have a beer watching the football, it’s part of the ritual, it’s a ‘sense’ thing! Depriving myself entirely made me hate going out to watch the football (which meant I saw my dad less) and my food just didn’t quite taste the same without a delicious glass of Malbec!

3. (The most important one) Link your goal with a positive experience

This might make no sense initially but give me a second....one of my more recent goals was to listen to more ‘business related’ podcasts, however I’d get distracted at home by other things; work, jobs etc so here’s what I did...I plugged in and paid attention whilst walking the dog...and guess what, it’s worked! I already enjoy walking the dog and I’m learning along the way...WIN WIN!

3a. (Caveat to 3)

Make sure the positive experience is either something you’re already doing i.e. a hobby/activity, OR it’s a necessary thing like the commute to work. This way we don’t need to ‘drastically’ alter what we do with our week we can just tie a positive change into it! Boom, increased self efficacy = increased success of achieving goal!

Let’s face it, most of us struggle to fit in what we’re already doing so stop putting pressure on yourself to make these huge, life altering goals...in January!

Take some time out to look at what you already do and congratulate yourself for that, reflect on the positives of your life and know that you’re pretty freakin’ awesome just as you are!

New Year, Same You...(with slight improvements)