When the workplace come to yoga!

We have lots of ‘groups’ of people coming to yoga together, friends from work, college and home but very few who take the time out during work hours as a team to make their workplace stand out!

This company are proving that team work really does make the dream work!

Photo 14-12-2018, 15 51 52.jpg

Fresh Perspective started practising yoga at our Leyland studio the week it opened and they’ve been on the mat every Friday since!

Why do we love this company?

  1. First up, it’s a female founded business which we’re ALL about! Laura is a superstar business owner who knows that the art of management lies in keeping your employees happy and healthy!

  2. Fresh are super forward thinking! There aren’t many companies who pay their staff to go to yoga in work time. In my opinion you should be emailing your manager RIGHT NOW!

  3. Finally, they have a team of pups helping make the office a brighter space! As you know we love having a pooch around the place and the Fresh office has 4 on staff; Louie, Jenny, Alfie and Lenny. If there was ever a reason to apply for a new job, that would be it!

If you want to know more about this company’s ethos and their goal of turning ‘recruitment’ from a dirty word to an inspiring, fresh approach then look no further…

Why not make your staff this happy and get YOUR team on the mat!?

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