Ok so let’s face it, we’re British! We queue when there’s no need to, we tend not to complain, man, we even finish a meal because we don’t want to tell the waiter it’s inedible! We’re shocking customers...well no more!

Here’s why we care that you tell us...

We care about you, we want to help you and we definitely want to provide an experience that you enjoy from the minute you step through the door. However, we’re also human so we know that we’re bound to disappoint every now and then; maybe we didn’t manage your expectations, maybe our staff were having an off night but guess what...we want to know! 

We love getting positive, glowing reports on our teachers and classes, seriously nothing lights us up more. We’d love for you to get comfortable telling us when something doesn’t quite work or where we could have tried harder; whatever it is we want to know. Otherwise we’re going to go through life thinking we’re bloody wonderful when let’s face it, every now and then we could do to up our game.

So here’s inviting comment (cue heart palpitations) on the things we could do better! GO....