I bet if we asked you which you thought was our most popular class on the timetable, the Over 60’s wouldn’t be your first guess!

You’d be wrong!

Not only has this class been going since the day we opened our studio but with Kim at the helm this group have blossomed…

Back in 2014 we started with one class a week on the timetable, within a year we’d added a second and we have now reached the amazing goal of a THIRD class hitting the schedule. January 2019 will see the total number of Over 60’s classes at our Standish studio hit 3 per week with Kim guiding these groups through 75 minutes of stretching, strength and laughter.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being around on a Tuesday or Thursday morning you’ll see how much of an impact these classes are having;

First of all the NOISE is unparalleled! This group can TALK ;) it’s lively, chatty and giddy every week before and after class and it creates the most awesome vibe in the building…

Secondly, the commitment and dedication to the practice that these guys put in is second to none; they barely miss a week, they give it their all and their progress is noticeable…

Finally, and most importantly, the vibe is contagious! We would never have added a third class if it hadn’t been needed. With two classes already packed to the rafters it wasn’t even in dispute. They asked, we obeyed!

I’m quite sure you know somebody, or maybe you are somebody, who would love to be part of a new social circle. Maybe they’d like to increase mobility and fitness and prevent falls in later life! If so then you can’t go far wrong in these classes…

…they have something for everyone!

But don’t take our word for it…

So what does 2019 look like for the Over 60’s classes?…


Monday 1.15pm

Tuesday 10am

Thursday 10am


Friday 10.45am

Thanks to all our students who stuck around for the photo after class. Those who ran off quickly…we’ll get you next time ;)

Also, blokes do attend these classes too, they were just too shy to jump on the pictures!