Here at Studio One we don’t believe that yoga is just a sequence of shapes made on the mat; it’s a community, it’s a vibe and it’s an experience. One that begins when you step in to the studio for the first time and continues to grow as you practice more and more!

Many of our students know nobody when they open the front door but we can guarantee that a few classes in (if they want to) they’ll have introduced themselves to someone new, found common ground with a fellow yogi or realised that there’s lots to do at our studio that doesn’t involve yoga.

Few people fully embody the studio culture as much as KIM…


Kim has been teaching at Studio One for nearly 5 years and she is loved by many! Delivering our over 60’s classes, mum and baby and more recently Pilates and sound bath sessions she has found her passion and she excels. She totally gets that a yoga studio is ALL about the students…so much so she took her class SKYDIVING last week!!

Yes you read that right…after years of practising next to one another, becoming friends and supporting each other through yoga they held each other’s hands as they entered iFly Manchester for an adrenaline fueled morning!

Born out of a passing comment from Kim about ‘skydive’ pose in their yoga class this group rallied together and she organised a trip to the indoor skydiving centre in Manchester followed by a gin and wine filled lunch afterwards (I think they needed it to calm down!).

Keep scrolling to see what these guys thought of the trip…

There are many reasons we love this job, and this is one of the highlights!

Thanks to Kim for her organisation, to Abbey, Steve and Radek at iFly Manchester and most of all to our students who continue to amaze us on a weekly basis.

If you were ever looking for a place to send your mum, dad, grandparents or anybody else you care about who needs a little extra social in their life then look no further…

Our over 60’s classes run at Standish on a Monday at 1.15pm and Tuesday and Thursday 10am. What are you waiting for? If these guys can suit up and fly there’s no way a yoga class can be scary…

Here’s what the students said…

“Most noticeable was the strong Team Support and the relaxed fun atmosphere! Proud to attend with my Yoga Class, memorable day!”

Terry Burke

“After worrying about my back, front, arms, legs and anything else,  I was thrilled with the whole experience ! Age has no relevance , the staff at I Fly were so professional and observant , I loved it and had no ill effects after! Studio one Yoga you arranged a winning experience thank you Kim and Michelle xx”

Jan Vickers

“Great experience, another tick on the bucket list!”

Carolyn Barrett

“Fabulous day out pure adrenaline rush met lovely new people thanks to Michelle and her team x”

Anita Charnock