What does yoga in school look like?

If you’ve not already seen it in the news this week here it is: yoga in schools has a ‘profound impact’! At least that’s what the BBC were reporting and guess what…

We already knew that!

After 6 years of teaching in schools, colleges and academies we have seen first hand just how good yoga is for children of all ages. We find that the younger classes love creating shapes, moving their bodies and (honestly) finding stillness! (we know, we know…your 5 year old doesn’t sit still; trust me, after 30 minutes of yoga they can rock a savasana like the best of us). It gives children a chance to see that yoga is a practice of breath, body and mind and they will fully embrace the opportunity to breathe like a LION at any given moment, little do they know it’s great for stress!

Our teenagers are loving the ability to do a type of exercise that doesn’t pit them against their class mates, they can feel confident without being judged and they fully embrace the notion that yoga is a personal practice. Giving teens the skills to calm anxiety, relax the mind and improve focus is an awesome thing and we LOVE it!

But hey…don’t just take our word for it:

“The students were surprised by how physically challenging it can be despite it looking ‘easy’, often commenting on how they could feel the effects of the sessions in the days afterwards.

Participants have stated how relaxing the sessions are, describing them as an ‘escape’ in the middle of the day, many have commented on how they forget that they are at work/college during the sessions, and are more productive and relaxed for the remainder of the day”

Clare McGrath, St John Rigby College

“The students who selected to participate in Yoga for their PE lessons really enjoyed the alternative activity to other competitive sports offered and after having a go felt that yoga was something they would really like to continue with after leaving school.  The group loved every session and enjoyed the benefits of challenging themselves in new ways and looked forward to working with Michelle in such a positive and calming environment.

The benefits for our students ranged from; relaxation to help relieve the stress of exams and school work, the development of core stability and improvements in balance, learning how to hold poses, understanding breathing techniques, but most importantly the development of focus and concentration.  The young people came away with a positive impression of yoga and the many benefits it can have on health and well-being”

Jenny Leitch, Dean Trust Academy

“All of the classes are loving the sessions with Stephanie so much. We’ve had a yoga after school club running alongside curriculum time yoga for the past 12 months. The benefit to our students is so great that we are continuing them right through the next academic year to July 2020! St Catharines loves yoga!”

Mark Hillam, St Catharines Primary School

If you think your school or college would benefit from running yoga classes for the children or staff then why not get in touch. We create bespoke offerings for you and your school and provide top quality teaching from yoga teachers who have a background in both yoga and education.