We’re banning a word at the studio...

Have you ever been in a class and achieved a pose you’ve been attempting for months only to hear someone mutter ‘show-off’?

Have you seen someone do an aesthetically ‘impressive’ pose and called them a show off?

Maybe you’ve not even vocalised it, but you’ve seen somebody do something in the corner of your eye and thought ‘show off’ 

We’re banning it; the thought, the word, the phrase. However it comes about for you; it’s banned from here on in. 

Here’s the reason...

Every one of us has a pose or poses that will forever and always be unattainable, whether that’s due to injury, other sports played or skeletal make up. So whilst you’re sat happily in Baddha Konasana thinking ‘this is easy’ think about the person whose knees are touching their eyeballs; earlier that same person might have held a forearm stand for 2 breaths whilst your feet remain weighted to the ground in that pose. 

Also bear in mind that EVERY student you come across is on a different path and is at a different stage in their practice. So when you finally get your hallelujah moment of getting your hand to a brick in extended side angle know that the person who’s just entered the splits for the first time is most definitely NOT showing off! 

Being part of a studio and part of a yoga class is a lifestyle shift; whilst it’s a communal experience it’s also an individual one. There may be students around you practising things that the teacher’s not saying and this could be for many reasons:

  • Injury

  • Pregnancy

  • Personal advancements given in a 121 session

  • Returning from an operation/lengthy time off

  • and many others…

Studio One is a safe space; a community of people who know that yoga is not a competition, who celebrate each others little wins, who can laugh at themselves as they tumble out of tree pose. Life is so serious sometimes that we want you to embrace your inner child (and not the insecure, judgy version!). So from now on practice mindfully and swap your ‘show off’ voice for an ‘awesome, well done!’

If you were ever in any doubt that yoga teachers find ALL poses easy have a listen to this awesome Yogaland Episode where Andrea and Jason share their ‘Easy’ and ‘Hard’ poses, trust me you’ll be surprised!