Think of this FOUNDATION class as the building blocks to an awesome yoga practice! You'll learn the most common poses and their alignment; you'll also learn to tune in to your breath and better focus your energy. In addition, you'll have a chance to enjoy the wonders of savasana (relaxation) at the end of the practice. Be prepared to start your journey into yoga the best possible way; through excellent guidance and teaching.

Ideal if you're looking to start from the absolute basics, you struggle with 'flow' style classes or if you are rehabilitating from an injury.


Our SUPER MELLOW CHILL OUT class focused on winding you down after a hectic day. This class will start with you lying down on your back ironing out the kinks and creaks of life. Moving into some gentle stretches and balance postures you'll then finish back on the floor with an extra-long relaxation.

Ideal for those looking to calm the mind rather than the body. If you're a typical Type A, full of beans and constantly on the go, this is your perfect tonic!


Our SIGNATURE FLOW class designed to get you a little hot under the collar. This is the first step into learning to move with the breath; linking postures together to create intelligent sequences that will strengthen and tone the muscles and increase your flexibility.

This class is great for those who've done a little yoga before or beginners of reasonable fitness. Not suitable for those with mobility issues.


Welcome to our NEXT LEVEL BREATH and MOVEMENT class. Expect to move through more complicated sequences with breakdowns of more difficult poses. Classes of this nature will vary from teacher to teacher but expect to generate some heat from the inside out and maybe explore an arm balance or two every now and then.

Ideal for those with some experience of yoga as this class is less focused on technique; a knowledge of base poses is recommended.


This is our TOUGHEST class on the schedule, the super-yogi class if you will. This strict vinyasa class will keep you moving all session long; you'll work so hard even your eyelashes will sweat!

Focusing on building strength in the whole body whilst we work to stabilise the joints, improve flexibility and challenge your balance. Anything goes in this class so bring your A game and watch your practice soar to new heights.

Ideal for those with an existing yoga practice who want to be challenged.


‘Still’ is our ever-popular YIN YOGA class that offers long hold poses to work deep into the connective tissues of the body to create space and strength in the joints.

Yin is the ideal complement to more physical, energetic classes. Ending with a sweet relaxation this class will let you drift off into a night of blissful sleep!