Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m a beginner, which class should I come to?

A. Firstly, welcome! You’re in good hands. We suggest our SO Basics or SO Chill classes for first timers, these are slower, easier classes with lots of instruction. The Chill class is great for those looking for more ‘relaxation’ than physical work.

We also run a 6 week beginners course at our Leyland studio. These are great as an introduction to the practice, you can book a space online here

Q. I’ve just found out I’m pregnant and I’m looking to start yoga, which class can I come to?

A. Congratulations! If you are new to yoga your only option is to attend our pregnancy yoga classes/courses; start dates vary for the courses so, please check the online schedule for the studio of your choice. You must be 12 weeks before attending any class.

Q. I’ve just booked my class, what do I need to bring?

A. All equipment is provided for the class (mat, blocks etc) so you don’t need to go out and buy anything special. We suggest bringing a bottle of water with you; reusable bottles can be filled up in the changing rooms.

Q. How much are your classes and how can I pay?

A. All our regular classes are £7, and payment is made in cash on arrival at reception. Workshops/courses/specialist classes vary so please check the booking system for individual prices; payment for these is made online at the time of booking.

We also do a 10 class pass for £60 that can be used between both of our studios. This is valid for 2 months from the first use so please only purchase if you know you can attend 10 classes in the time frame.

Q. Where can I park?

A. Standish – we suggest parking on Quakers Place; this is just next to the Chinese Takeaway on School Lane. Alternatively, there is on street parking around Standish and Aldi has a 90-minute limit (perfect for a 60-minute class).

Leyland – There is a car park directly behind the building with a one-way entry next to the barbers’ shop. We politely ask that you take notice of the signage and avoid parking where access is required. There are plenty of spaces on Sumner Street and King Street car parks and these are free after 6pm.

Q. When am I ready to move to a Flow/Sweat class?

A. There are no criteria you have to fill to attend a class should you wish to give it a go although we do suggest that for these classes you have done a few Basics classes and you have no injuries/mobility issues as, by the nature of the class, the ability to get up and down from the floor with ease is necessary.