Join Michelle and Alison for a full day of learning new skills, deepening your yoga practice and learning about your body.

You'll spend 8 hours in beautiful surroundings whilst learning from one another and two fantastic teachers. Lunch and refreshments will be provided along with a FREE goodie bag packed full of treats!

Meditation and Pranayama
Starting the retreat with a guided meditation and pranayama practice you will focus in on your goals for the day and let go of anything that doesn't serve you in this practice.

We will have a journaling exercise designed to help you create space for the mind whilst giving you the opportunity to start thinking about what you're looking for from the day and continuing in your practice.

Vinyasa Practice
A 90 minute vinyasa practice led by Michelle will ensure you are fired up and ready to take on the day. This mandala flow will leave you inspired and sweaty as we move through poses to work the whole body.

Anatomy and Posture Clinic
Following on from this you will be taking part in a lecture and posture clinic with a focus on the anatomy of the hips, knees and ankles and their relation to standing postures. We will work in pairs and small groups to aid your understanding of key poses in your yoga practice.

Yin Yoga
There are a variety of inner methods which can be used to help you deepen your practice and enhance its effectiveness for your body, mind and spirit. Alison will start the afternoon by discussing some of these methods, including their benefits and how and when they can be sprinkled into your practice. This will be followed by an Autumn-themed yin sequence focusing on replenishing energy, during which you’ll be able to put some of the inner methods into practice.

To end the day Alison will introduce you to the transformative and highly accessible practice of iRest® yoga nidra - relaxation and meditation for health, wellbeing and awakening – followed by a guided iRest® practice designed to help you enter into an awakened yet relaxed state as your mind and body find deep rest. It’ll be the perfect end to your day!

Leave our day retreat feeling educated, informed and totally blissed out!

Teachers: Michelle Almond and Alison Gough

Date/Time: Sunday 7th October 8.30am-4.30pm

Investment: £90

Includes: lunch, refreshments, all classes/workshops, goodie bag!

Bring a notepad and pen, refillable water bottle and your yoga mat

Location: Jubilee Suite, Farington Lodge, Leyland